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Welcome! I'm a lover of medieval history, science, good books, and both deep and wide-ranging conversation. I'm a geek, Scadian, writer, editor, scientist, seamstress, crafts-person, learning-facilitator, project manager, and event organizer. I'm becoming a less terrible housekeeper, and my love of cooking has finally extended beyond baking. I'm a spouse, partner, parent, child, and friend, and I'm continually evolving as a person, and support the evolution of those around me. I'm poly, so don't get tripped up or worried when I refer to other adults who are in my heart, in my constellation, or both, at least not anymore than you would about any other relationship that has its ups and downs. After well over a decade of health issues, my good health of this last year continues, and I'm really enjoying getting in shape, and putting my body through its paces. I moved to Boston from Vermont this last fall, and am enjoying life here very much. (May 2013)

Cast of Characters:
Albreda, aka Siggi - the author of these posts
Owyn, aka Kevin - husband and co-parent, entered Spring 2004
R&D - fraternal twin daughters, born Spring 2006
E, aka Buddy - son, born Summer 2008
J, in my heart, and not in my daily life at present, entered Spring 2012
L, in my constellation and frequently in my house, entered Spring 2013
B, my BFF, entered Summer 1977
also various members of my Scadian family-by-choice that I've met in the SCA, (notably (Courtesy) Grandma Freya, entered circa 1992), great new folks that I've met here in Boston, and my parents, both still alive and as challenging as ever.